Wound Care

Theris Medical is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company creating solutions for wound care. Our mission is to help an underserved patient group which suffers from wound complications from a rare disease – sickle cell anemia.

The company is the first biopharma company created by the team at TauTona Group, a vertically-integrated operational venture fund that creates, invests and develops new solutions in medtech, biotech and regenerative medicine that address unmet clinical needs in healthcare. With a strong belief that improvements in healthcare and cost reductions can only be achieved through innovation, TauTona’s sustainable investment model enables disruptive ideas to be evaluated, designed, tested and developed in an extremely economic manner benefiting all stakeholders: inventors, investors, doctors and, most importantly, patients. The fund was founded in 2010 by two Stanford School of Medicine professors and researchers focused on bioengineering, tissue regeneration, and stem cell therapeutic approaches


World-class team of doctors, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs who have built several companies and medical devices.

Wound Care Solutions

Pioneering new solutions that address unmet clinical needs in healthcare.

Clinical Research

Theris Medical is starting clinical trials in Q3 2020.
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